If you’re going to claim it, you need to be able to prove it. The easiest way to prove these claims is by keeping your receipts.¬†CRA is cracking down on expense claims, so we need to do our best to ensure you’re claims are accurate and meets CRA standards.

Don’t worry, we’re about to blow your mind with this simple tip to keep your receipts organized!

Step One:

Go to the dollar store and buy some envelopes. They don’t have to be anything fancy, but these plastic ones are my favorite because…well…coffee. Coffee spills are the number one way to ruin a receipt (or am I the only one who has an issue with coffee spills?!).

Step two:

Label each section with a month. All of them. Yes, all 12. This will be a year long commitment. A commitment you will keep for as long as you’re in business.

Step Three:

Keep this cute little thing in your car. Let’s be honest, our cars are basically filing cabinets, so we may as well organize them. Every time you leave a store, buy gas, even get a coffee (with in reason) ask for a receipt and stick it this envelope in the proper month.

Step Four:

When you see our (probably annoying and repetitive) quarterly email, stop by our office and drop off your receipts. While you’re here you can log into your bank account and print off your bank statements. Keep in mind that the previous months bank statement usually doesn’t come out until around the 5th of every month so stopping in shortly after that date is ideal, to ensure we have¬†everything¬†we need to file your HST.

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